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    Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Kit

     Very Good (10065 reviews)

    Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Kit


    100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan

    Perfect Brows in 10 Seconds

    For all eyebrow types

    Easy to use, Perfect for Beginners & Professionals

    10 Stencils & 2 Spoolies Included

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Medium BrownDark BrownBrown Black
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     4.8/5 based on 10065 reviews

    easily get that groomed look every time within seconds, and with no fuss at all.

    Eyebrows really frame your face and it feels great when someone compliments you on how good your brows look...

    Millions of people across the world  find it difficult to get the right kind of look when it comes the eyebrows. This can be because the tools they use don't help much.

    The Eyebrow Stamp & Shaping kit provides you with 10 stencils to choose from. It helps you create bushy eyebrows without much effort. Simply press, stamp and shape. It is here to save your time and money!

    It's time to make your life easier when you are pressed for time and looking for an easy fix! Save so much of your time and money!

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    Woman Before & After Brow Makeup | Best Perfect Eyebrow Stamp & Shaping Kit | Anjoize

    Why do you need Anjoize Perfect Brow Stamp Set?

    You probably know the insecure feeling of having bad eyebrows day. 

    It's not easy to draw the perfect brows especially when you're in a hurry. 

    Eyebrow drawing pens are not easy to handle.

    Brow tattoos from beauty salons are expensive.

    Which is why you need our Perfect Brow Stamp& Shaping Kit. 

    Our stencils and easy-to-apply brow stamps make sure you get the perfect brow makeup you need for every occassion!


    So many Anjoize Cosmetics customers have tried our Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Kit and are very satisfied!


    Is the eyebrow stamp easy to use?

    Yes, the eyebrow stamp is designed to be super user-friendly, even for people who have never used brow makeup before. Simply place the stamp on your brow, press down, and remove to reveal perfectly-shaped brows. 

    The built-in stencil helps you to achieve the perfect shape and thickness for your brows, and the long-lasting formula stays put all day.

    What does this kit include?

    1x Brow stamp, 2x Mini brushes, 10x Brow shaping stencils

    Does the stencils match my brow shape?

    We have been perfecting our brow stencil shapes with years of research and customized 10 stencils to fit all brow shapes.

    How do I know which shade to go for?

    For a more natural look, we'd recommended to go for the shade close to your hair color. For a bolder look, definitely try the shades lighter or deeper for different mood and occasions!

    How long does the brow stamp pigment last?

    In our experience it will last you throughout whole day. 

    Is the brow stamp waterproof?

    Yes! Our brow stamp is formulated to be waterproof & smudge-proof.

    How to get pigment out of the stamp?

    The pigment in your brow stamp is located inside the applicator. Twist the bottom of the sponge applicator to apply pigment to your brows.

    How do I remove the brow stamp makeup?

    The eyebrow stamp can be removed using a gentle makeup remover or cleanser. Simply apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your brows to remove the makeup.

    Is the eyebrow stamp suitable for all skin types?

    The eyebrow stamp is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it is always a good idea to test the product on a small patch of skin before using it on your entire brow.

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